What about water resistance?

Usually we can only prevent water from getting inside the clock. This means that it is water resistant, but it cannot guarantee that the watch is still running when the water is inside. According to the US Trade Commission, watch advertisers are not allowed to advertise their products as 'Waterproof' even if it is a diver's specialized watch.

Reference: Is 3ATM waterproof watch worn when bathing?

However, some firms still have such suggestions on the case that many people misunderstand. The water meter reading unit of the watch is printed or engraved on the watch is M (meters). Other signs may be Bar or ATM (only the pressure in the water that the wristwatch can withstand).

Each Bar or ATM is equivalent to:

  1. 10M - 50M: worn during normal swimming.
  2. 100M: worn when diving (of course not too deep).
  3. 200M: you can dive to a depth of not more than 40m
  4. 1,000M: only in professional diving watches, with special gaskets and helium exhaust valves
  5. 10,000M: there is never a type of watch that is so deep in water. Or the watch you're holding is a fake or someone is kidding you!
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